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Visual Literacy: Why Aren’t You Really Good At Graphic Design?

Seth Godin has a knack for cutting to the heart of issues for marketers. In today’s post, Why Aren’t You Really Good At Graphic Design, he addresses one part of a much larger issue.   “Ten years ago, you had a wide range of excuses for being a lousy visuals person. Starting with no talent, […]

Cheating In Photoshop

This weekend I co-presented at the Society for Photographic Education (SPE) National Conference in Dallas. During our presentation we offered advice to educators for helping themselves and their students adapt to, and take advantage of, changes in technology and the economic landscape. During the Q&A session, two educators talked about students “cheating in Photoshop” by […]

Are your photos safe?

This morning, I came into my office and found that someone had tried to break into my office using a screwdriver to pop the lock on the door. Fortunately for me, unfortunate for the thief, they were unsuccessful. Still, the event raises the question of what would have happened to my photos if the thief […]

How to make your audio slideshows better « Mastering Multimedia

A fine set of recommendations on how to make your audio slideshows more engaging and interesting to the viewers. This post covers both practical aspects for working with audio and aesthetic suggestions to make your audio slideshows shine. How to make your audio slideshows better « Mastering Multimedia: “” (Via .)

Newspaper video: Will it survive? « Mastering Multimedia

Much of the early debate about online video for newspapers appears, to me, to be missing the point. While most of the posts are focused on Quality vs. Quantity or which encoder/software/camera/microphone to use. What appears to be missing from the dialog is a discussion on the role video plays in journalistic coverage. Or, to […]

Is your vision worth millions?

Is your vision worth millions? Gennaro Pelliccia’s tastebuds are insured for 10 million GBP. His employer Costa, a large coffee chain in England, feels the insurance policy on Pelliccia’s tastebuds “protect a vital element of business.” A majority of the world drinks coffee and it certainly doesn’t require any special equipment or skills. Theoretically, anyone […]

PMA 2009 Part 2: The SpyderCube

Advances in raw processing technology offer , it can be difficult photographers find it difficult to correct RAW exposures in their images efficiently. But the real workflow boost comes in developing a systematic approach to optimizing your RAW files. To help simplify the raw correction process, Datacolor created the SpyderCube, a unique improvement on the […]

PMA 2009: Looking For The Next Big Thing

Have you ever noticed, that once a good idea comes to market, every company scrambles to copy it? Take Crocs shoes for example. Sure, they’re not the prettiest things out there, but they have function, variety and a low price tag. Several companies have tried to reproduce the unique shoes, but none as good as […]