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Bridge CS4: New Web Galleries




What is it?

An update to Photoshop’s Web Photo Gallery was long overdue; the design and format of the gallery templates hadn’t kept pace with the real world forcing web-savvy photographers to look elsewhere for Web galleries to match the sophistication of their Web site. Well search no more, Adobe updated and consolidated Web Photo Gallery, Contact Sheet, Picture Package and PDF Presentation into the Output To Web or PDF panel.

The only downside to the Output to Web or PDF panel is the lack of tools for creating standardized presets. This is one of the cornerstones of an a efficient workflow and the inability to save presets is a disappointment, particularly since they are present in Lightroom.

This new panel allows you to build, and preview within Bridge PDF contact sheets, picture packages and HTML or Flash Web galleries. Before you can begin using the Output to Web and PDF panel, you need to first activate it in Bridge Preferences using the following steps:

1) Open Bridge Preferences (Bridge CS4>Preferences (Mac), or Edit>Preferences (Win)) select the Startup Scripts tab and click on the Auto Collection CS4 heading. Alternatively, you can select Enable All to activate all Startup scripts. Press Ok.

2) Quit, then relaunch Bridge. Startup Scripts are only activated when the application is launched.


Why is it important?

Anyone needing to share photos with clients will benefit from the speed and ease in creating client approval documents, either printed or online. What’s more, the improvements in Bridge cascade through every stage of the editing process, saving you time at every step, from image download, through image selection, to the application of metadata and delivery to the client. This compounds the benefits from each improvement minimizing the time you spend processing images.

Bonus Tip: Once you’ve configured Bridge with the login and username for your Web site, publishing your Web galleries becomes a one-click process.

Check out a sample gallery here.


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