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Photoshop CS4: Device Central Online Libraries




What Is It?
As evidenced by the popularity of the iPhone, the world is rapidly reaching a tipping point for the adoption of the mobile internet. For many people, particularly in developing countries, their portal to the Internet is not via a computer, but a mobile phone. Photographers and designers wanting to stay ahead of the curve will find the new online device libraries in Device Central CS4 to be a blessing. By posting the device registry online, instead of locally, Adobe is able to keep the mobile device database up to date with current models, and fill in the information gaps found in many device profiles.

CS4Device Central.jpg










Why Is It Important?
Specific device profiles can be downloaded to your hard drive by dragging the online device profile into the Local Library panel. From here, you can group and organize device profiles to best suit your workflow.

Bonus Tip: Automated testing scripts can be used to test your content against batches of device profiles. The Log window compiles snapshots of how your content looks on all tested devices. This ensures your content is consistent on a wide-range of devices. For more information on batch testing watch the Adobe TV tutorial.


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