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Photoshop CS4: Toss Panning




What is it?
As more of the Photoshop’s display and manipulation commands are moved to the graphics processor, Adobe’s engineers are able to do some cool things to make navigation within the program more interesting. One example of this is the Toss panning introduced in Photoshop CS4. Toss panning allows you to throw your photo as you move and pan through it. This makes moving through images at a high zoom percentage not only faster but more fun.

Toss panning works with the Hand tool, or the temporary hand tool (hold spacebar). Grab your image and “flick” the image in any direction. The photo moves quickly at first then slowly settles as though gravity were taking hold.

Why is it important?
Okay, it’s hard to justify this as a significant time-saver or productivity feature. It ranks higher on the cool factor than anything else. In a month full of keyboard shortcuts, productivity enhancements and new features you have to stop every once and a while and be amazed at how much better our tools are than they were five years ago.

Bonus Tip: Toss panning, like the Rotate tool work via GPU acceleration. This means that it won’t work on older graphics cards. Be sure to check your graphics card against Adobe’s list of supported cards.


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