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Bridge CS4: Review Mode


What is it?

The review mode is a quick method of previewing a group of images to facilitate the editing process. Accessed under the Refine menu in the Application Bar, or with the keyboard shortcut CMD/CTRL-B, the Review Mode selected images in a Cover Flow inspired slideshow. Arrow keys rotate the stack to the right or left. Here, you can apply your color label and star rankings to images, open them in Adobe Camera Raw for a quick adjustment and quickly winnow a large number of images down to the best.


Why is it important?

Every photographer wishes they could edit a large digital shoot as quickly as they did with film. This is one step closer to reality with the Review Mode. I find Review Mode works best after you’ve performed a first, quick round of editing to isolate the above average images. Using the Remove From Selection button, you can drop images out of the selection that don’t make the grade narrowing your selection to the very best images from the shoot.

For most photographers, Review mode will image the image editing process faster and more enjoyable.

Bonus Tip: Create Collections: After you’ve completed your edit, gather the remaining images into a Collection by clicking on the Collection icon and naming your newly created collection. This allows you to separate images requiring additional editing or group images to publish in a Web gallery for client review.


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