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Bridge CS4: New Web Galleries

    What is it? An update to Photoshop’s Web Photo Gallery was long overdue; the design and format of the gallery templates hadn’t kept pace with the real world forcing web-savvy photographers to look elsewhere for Web galleries to match the sophistication of their Web site. Well search no more, Adobe updated and consolidated […]

Photoshop CS4: Device Central Online Libraries

    What Is It? As evidenced by the popularity of the iPhone, the world is rapidly reaching a tipping point for the adoption of the mobile internet. For many people, particularly in developing countries, their portal to the Internet is not via a computer, but a mobile phone. Photographers and designers wanting to stay […]

Photoshop CS4: Device Link Profiles

    What is it? Device link profiles are a powerful color management tool that, until now, have not seen widespread adoption due to limited support, most notably in Photoshop. Traditional ICC based color management uses a device-independent color space, like Lab, to serve as a bridge between two device-dependent ICC profiles, like Adobe RGB […]

Photoshop CS4: Color Blindness Proofing

    What is it? The Soft Proofing feature is a useful tool for photographers to preview and predict the color and tonal changes that will occur when an image is printed, output to a specific device or converted to a different profile. A new feature in the Proof Setup menu allows you to preview […]

Photoshop CS4: Bird’s Eye View

    What is it? Adobe Lightroom makes it easy to zoom in and out of an image quickly. Sadly, the same feature has been lacking in Photoshop. Jumping between 100 percent view, and the full image required the use of two separate keyboard shortcuts. The new Bird’s Eye View feature offers a possible solution […]

Photoshop CS4: Content-aware scaling

What is it? Have you ever noticed how print sizes and layout windows almost never correctly match the dimensions of your photo. This is particularly aggravating when you’ve composed your photo carefully and tightly. In the end, you have to sacrifice the quality of the photo to fit the crop. The new Content-aware scaling promises […]

Photoshop CS4: Toss Panning

    What is it? As more of the Photoshop’s display and manipulation commands are moved to the graphics processor, Adobe’s engineers are able to do some cool things to make navigation within the program more interesting. One example of this is the Toss panning introduced in Photoshop CS4. Toss panning allows you to throw […]

Photoshop CS4: Drag-resizing Cursors

    What is it? I can almost always gauge someone’s Photoshop skill level by the way they change their Brush size. This created two neat categories. Beginner Photoshop Users use the Brush Preset Picker to select a brush, hover their mouse over the image to gauge brush size then return to the Brush Preset […]

Photoshop CS4: Rotate Tool

    What is it? I have a bad habit. I drop my horizons to the left. Sure, it isn’t as destructive as a heroin addiction, but it forces me go in and rotate my photos to correct for the sagging horizon. If I spend a day at the beach or lakefront shooting, that amounts […]

SPE Regional Presentation Files

It was a distinct honor to meet with, and learn from, so many educators, students and photographers at this year’s SPE Regional Conferences. To help you learn more about UPDIG I’ve posted the supporting files from my presentations below. Please post a comment here if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with the […]