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Bridge CS4: Renaming Presets


What is it?
Many of my clients work with a file naming preset to track client or assignment information and the date created. With these systems, the filename becomes a first-line asset management system providing a significant amount of information at a quick glance. The trouble is, it becomes difficult to ensure all contributors to the system use the same filename structure. Some may use a two-digit version of the year while others may use the European standard of placing the date before the month. Adobe solved this problem by allowing you to Save your Batch Renaming structure as a preset. Once the preset is created, simply load the preset in the Batch Rename dialog, enter your custom text, if necessary, and press Rename.


Why is it important?

As photo management systems become more automated, following a standardized file naming structure becomes essential. Many photo processing scripts look to the filename for clues on how the photo should be processed or routed to a specific user or file server. Even in one-person studios, a standardized filename makes it easy to track images, ensure the correct photo is attached to a client email or uploaded to your FTP server.

Bonus Tip: Sharping Presets: Save a Copy of the Batch Rename preset to your desktop, then copy it to additional machines requiring the same preset. This ensures all users are working with the same file naming standard.


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