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Bridge CS4: Interface Changes


What is it?

The last three or four versions of Photoshop and Bridge have each undergone significant user interface changes. These adjustments are more than mere cosmetic decoration. Instead, the changes are designed to put the commonly-used features at your fingertips, eliminating the need to search through menus or remember keyboard shortcuts.


Continuing this trend are the new quick buttons located in the Application Bar to help you, adjust metadata, make a quick change in Camera Raw, or quickly find that file you were working on in InDesign. These buttons don’t necessarily add new functionality to Bridge. Instead, they make the tasks you need to perform over and over, easier to do.

Why is it important?

As a user of several Creative Suite applications, I particularly like the redesiged Recently Used Files menu. I can search the recent files in each application individually, or grouped together in a single list. This reinforces the role of Bridge as the central organizing tool for the Creative Suite. Combined with the improved speed and responsiveness of Bridge, I find I am using Bridge for more than just photo browsing. I can quickly find business forms, design files and video clips faster than I can through my operating system.

Bonus Tip: Open Any File Bridge will open any file in its creator application. Through Bridge, MS Word documents open in Word, QuickTime movies open in QuickTime Player and even my Voodoo Pad documents open correctly.


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