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Bridge CS4: Faster Performance


What is it?

When a new software update is released, it is often the smaller, unheralded changes that ultimately make the greatest impact on your workflow. And let’s face it, few things are less sexy than generating thumbnails. This is exactly why I have such great respect for the Adobe engineers. With every new version, they add enough of the “wow” features to get users to upgrade while at the same time enhancing the core components of the software to make those same users more efficient and productive.


One of the key enhancements in Bridge CS4 is the speed of thumbnail generation. While still not quite as fast as Photo Mechanic for browsing images, Bridge CS4 is far more responsive than previous versions in generating the initial as well as high-resolution previews.

Why is it important?

Hopefully, you’ll be so excited to look at your latest shoot, or focused on making a client deadline that you don’t notice the new speed improvements in Bridge CS4. In either case, the speed enhancements will help you get through your shoots more quickly so you can concentrate on the good stuff, instead of constantly waiting to look at your pictures.

Bonus Tip: Thumbnail Generation options

You can customize the thumbnail generation to suit your workflow. For example, if you’re on a deadline and need to quickly review your photos, choose the “Embedded (faster) preview” for quick reviewing. Choose “High Quality on Demand” and bridge will render larger previews content is selected. Choosing “Always High Quality” to view high quality/color managed content will take more initial processing and selecting “Generate 100% Preview” will speed up loupe and zoom, but will use more disk space and more initial processing. In the long run, choosing “Always High Quality” speeds up the editing process by eliminating the delay caused by generating each preview individually selected.


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