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Bridge CS4: Renaming Presets

What is it? Many of my clients work with a file naming preset to track client or assignment information and the date created. With these systems, the filename becomes a first-line asset management system providing a significant amount of information at a quick glance. The trouble is, it becomes difficult to ensure all contributors to […]

Bridge CS4: Interface Changes

What is it? The last three or four versions of Photoshop and Bridge have each undergone significant user interface changes. These adjustments are more than mere cosmetic decoration. Instead, the changes are designed to put the commonly-used features at your fingertips, eliminating the need to search through menus or remember keyboard shortcuts. Continuing this trend […]

Bridge CS4: Faster Performance

What is it? When a new software update is released, it is often the smaller, unheralded changes that ultimately make the greatest impact on your workflow. And let’s face it, few things are less sexy than generating thumbnails. This is exactly why I have such great respect for the Adobe engineers. With every new version, […]

30 Days of Photoshop CS4

Beginning today and continuing until November 28th, I’ll be highlighting a new feature a day in Photoshop and Bridge CS 4 to help make your upgrade process a smooth one. I’ve organized the posts in the order you will encounter them when downloading, editing process and posting a typical shoot. We’ll begin with several new […]

Save! Lightroom 2 & PSCS 4 Bundle

Right now, Adobe is offering a 30% discount on Adobe Lightroom 2 when you purchase a full or upgrade license for Adobe Photoshop CS4. If you’re looking to upgrade to PSCS4, you might consider adding Lightroom to the mix. Adobe – Adobe Store – North America: “”

Our Vanishing Night Gallery

National Geographic photographers are renowned for their ability to shed insight on difficult and complex issues. Our Vanishing Night, by Jim Richardson, addresses the problems of light pollution through a series of breathtaking photos, bringing clarity and insight to a multifaceted topic. via: Rob Galbraith.com

InDesignSecrets » Blog Archive » Help for InDesign CS4 Early Birds

Anne-Marie Concepcion, co-author of the best Web site for InDesign users recently posted a link to a series of Adobe Knowledge Base articles addressing potential problems in InDesign CS4. InDesignSecrets » Blog Archive » Help for InDesign CS4 Early Birds: ”

SPE Southwest Presentation File

A PDF version of the SPE SW presentation Real World Solutions To Digital Technology Headaches can be downloaded from the link below.  http://projects.prorgb.com/SPE-SW_Presentation.zip  

SPE SW Presentation

The SPE Southwest regional conference begins today. I’m looking forward to meeting and learning from photography students and faculty.  Attendees, if you’d like an outline from today’s presentation, please click on the link below.  spe-regional_handout

The Man Who Took On Armstrong

It seems that most multimedia stories focus on the sorrow and misery in the world. While recognizing, and reporting, these stories is important, it’s a refreshing change to see a simple story that makes you smile. The Man Who Took On Armstrong, is about David Wiens, a former professional mountain bike rider turned dad who, […]