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Photoshop CS4 Tutorials

Even though Photoshop CS4 has only been announced, not released, you can get a sneak-peek at some of the new and improved features in Photoshop CS4 at the Layers Magazine CS4 Learning Center. I’ve contributed three tutorials to the learning center, covering the new and improved Photomerge, Graduated Filters in Adobe Camera Raw and a […]

Game, Set, Click

PDN Online’s Olympus VisionAge posted a nice article on my experiences leading Media Safaris and photographing the US Open. 

Mumbai’s Hidden Heart

Dharavi, Mumbai’s largest slum lies at the center of a controversy on whether the city should redevelop the land or, leave it as-is. Dharavi sits adjacent to the airport and is transcribed by two major commuter rail lines. This densely populated area teems with an entrepreneurial spirit, as residents recycle cardboard and other scrap or […]

2008 Olympics In Pictures

Although the cheering has died down and the Bird’s Nest is empty, you can still experience some of the best photos from the 2008 Olympics at the NY Times 2008 Olympics in Pictures galleries. My favorite gallery is The Moments, which contains action at the peak of intensity, the fatigued release after the race and […]

NYT Panorama from the RNC

The NY Times has posted a 360-degree panorama of John McCain’s acceptance speech at the RNC. Of the three panoramas included on this blog, I find the Diver’s View from the 10-meter platform at the Water Cube in Beijing to be the most interesting because the audio is describing the text instead of ambient sounds […]

US Open Photos

Last week, I had the opportunity lead a series of media safaris for Olympus at the US Open in Queens, NY. Our goal was to introduce members of the press to the E-520 and watch an enjoyable day of tennis. A great time was had by all and I’ve posted a small gallery of images […]

Compelling Panoramas

We’ve all seen beautiful QuickTime VR panoramas which allow you to scroll back and forth through the photo. The NY Times has taken this approach one step farther by adding audio to accompany the visuals.  These panoramas of Barack Obama’s speech at the DNC last week and the view from the 10-meter platform at the […]