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Seeing With Your Tongue

A large body of research proves that a sensation (touch, sight, etc.) is controlled not by the sensory organ (skin, eye) but by the brain. Due to the plastic nature of the brain, sensory signals can be routed to alternate organs. This allows the blind to see with their tongue by connecting a camera (or […]

My 15-seconds

Look ma, I’m on TV! G4 TV’s Attack of The Show recently recorded a review of the Olympus E-520 in which I get to encourage the host Chris Hardwick to change lenses and focus and recompose for better action photos. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.   

Why Many Photos Can Be Better Than One

Photography is revered for its ability to capture and preserve a singular moment in time. New trends in digital photography techniques are beginning to show that more, is indeed more. Multi-image techniques are used to expand the dynamic range of a camera, create an infinite depth of field that defies the laws of physics, create […]

Lightroom 2 Graduated Filters Tutorial

Lightroom 2’s Graduated Filters Tool is a terrific way to darken troublesome skies, add foreground contrast or give your photos a cinematic look. I’ve posted a video tutorial to walk you through the basic use, and creative applications of the Graduated Filters tool.  http://www.prorgb.com/lightroom-2