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Launch Part 2

Last week’s initial blog launch was short lived as the contents of the blog were accidentally erased during the installation of a client’s site. This gives me another opportunity to highlight the reasons for creating this blog.

  • To start a conversation on the ways technology affects the visual arts and influences the ways photographers, graphic designers, retouchers and videographers pursue their craft. 
  • To bring you more timely news and updates related to a digital imaging workflow. Every month, there are far more links to great multimedia stories, news tidbits and workflow tips than I can include in a single issue of Professional Digital Workflow. This blog allows me to share this extra information with you.
  • To answer questions. Daily, I receive workflow-related questions, from which backup system to select to the best ways of preparing images for press. I’ll share answers to some of the most common questions here. If you have a question, feel free to email me at jay@prorgb.com. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the topics you’d most like to see on this blog.  


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